Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dell Shipped to Wrong Adress

Can you believe it. When I ordered my new laptop, I mentioned that it must be shipped to my current address no less than 3 times. They've shipped to the wrong one, in an entirely different city. In fact no less than a thousand miles separate where my laptop is going and where I currently reside.

I called them up and I asked if they could redirect the order. I mean why not? I'm certainly much closer then where I am now.

Nope. They don't do that, but I can wait a week for it to arrive, in the wrong location, cancel the order and then reorder my laptop. Unfortunately it took them a solid month to build the first one. Interesting to note I took a stock model. I didn't customize anything and it still took them a month. I need this laptop for school, and I'm already one month into my semester and I should be starting my honours project in computer science, you know for my degree.

This really sucks Dell. Thanks a lot.

If I were you, and I needed a laptop soon or in the next two months. I would go someplace else.

I'm not the only one to have this problem.

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