Friday, February 26, 2010


I figured out how texture objects and this has led me to get the cool character portrait things found in all star-fox clones.

I just cranked this out as an example: The character is Harle from Chrono Cross. It's just a placeholder for now, I just grabbed a random picture of a random character and threw it up.
I most certainty don't claim any ownership. The colorings a little off. The blues may be green and the greens may be blue, but the red is correct!

I had to make a .bmp loader. Twas cool and exciting actually and not that hard. bmp's are pretty simple. It sounds pretty cool though. You know when you save a picture as a bmp, I know how those work! Wild sauce.

If I can say one thing about working with such things:

Hex editors are your friends

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gravity Simulator!

Building a Gravity Simulator. Full details can be found here:

Technically it's a study of Parallel Programming Techniques with a Focus of the Cell Processor, but the sample problem I'm cranking away at is a gravity simulator.

A sweet youtube video of it in action can be found here! Unfortunately recording it slowed it down by about half, so I suggest jumping to about 3 minutes in, or maybe just having it run in the corner of your screen while you do something else.