Saturday, June 12, 2010

Control Change + HUD

I decided the original control scheme was a bit too difficult, so I revamped it.

No it plays kind of like an fps on rails. You use wasd to move around and the mouse to aim. I like it a lot more than it used to be. The big reason for the switch was:
  1. The game was difficult to play
  2. I wanted to take advantage of platform known as the PC. The mouse is an awesome. I think people who play lots of game's on console have either forgotten or don't know how slick a mouse is.
I also added a bit of a hud. This was pretty easy to do, I just hadn't figured out the quite how to keep it in the correct place all the time. This has been fixed. I also implemented a simple scoring system (SSS)

There is a little wire sphere which is acting as a cross hair in there too. I'll have to make a real one soon.

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