Friday, June 4, 2010

Thunder: Heroism on Steroids

So, on the TI-83 graphing calculator I once made an rpg that was all text. You played as U and you went on a fairly short adventure to save your lost love V from the evil wizard Z. On the way you encountered your arch nemesis F and had comical moments with E and C.

You fought deadly enemies like pi and even a snake at one point I think it looked like this: ==( 0_). Basically it was the best you could squeeze out of 26 letters, a bunch of math symbols, 26 variables and the BASIC programing language.

The game was called Thunder: Heroism on Steroids, and now I'm gonna try and make it again: For computers everywhere.

I couple days ago I threw together this picture:

It's a black triangle (thanks James!) - everything is running in the games "engine" and it spits out this image.

I'm doing everything in C++ with OpenGL - because I like overkill. It won't be a very long game, but hopefully it'll be fun and give people a chuckle. It should run on damn near anything which means hopefully everyone'll be able to play it.

I'm mostly just working on it so I can try out some stuff. I want to get experience making a battle system, an overworld, an inventory and a way to switch nicely between them.

Right now, you can move around. It'll only get better.

Once it's done - or I'm tired of working on it - I'll probably release all the code. Everything is probably going to be hard coded, so people with a good grasp of C, should be able to change just about everything about the game.

Anyway, wish me luck. Should be fun.

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