Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chainmail Necklace

I'm home for the holidays and nothing says home for the holidays like cable TV and chainmailling.  I've got all the tools and fair bit of wire.

I cranked out a quick necklace/chain. It's using something like a Full Persian weave, but not.  I'm not entirely sure what it is.  It's built by adding an extra ring to 4-1 European chain to make it more like a cylinder.

Here are some pictures:
The necklace

A good look at the weave

 I have played Duke Nukem Forever

Next project will probably also be a necklace.  I really like this one,so that may be what happens.  I'd need to make some really small rings.

I also really like the RSD Weave.  So that might happen too.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Want to Write a Sci-Fi Book

I want it to be about the kind of people who leave home behind to go out into the unkown.  I want it to be about the crew.  Everything from how they feel and what they do.

What makes them go into space?  What do they do out there?  What is their job aboard the ship?  How do they kick back and relax?  How do their ideas and concepts about going into space mesh with reality?

Anyway, I totally know what I would do and why I'd go up, but I'd really like to grab other peoples perspectives on why they'd go up, or why they think other people would.  I made a super quick form using google forms, so if people want to send me their thoughts, that would be awesome:


It's pretty open ended, you don't have to fill in anything you don't want to.  If you feel a form is too restrictive, don't be afraid to email me at 4liamk@gmail.com.

Also of note, if anyone wants to get in on this and wants to write some stuff, I'd be totally down with collaborators.   I know some pretty talented people are out there.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Space Slayer: Earth's Last Hope

Made this for a class in second year!  Fun times.  Woot gamemaker.

Fly and Be Free

They came just as we thought they would. They began their attack from orbit, destroying our major military installations. With no ability to defend ourselves, their ground troops had no problems enslaving the human race. In days we became nothing, but they made a mistake. One of their interplanetary crafts, dubbed The Shrike, crashed near a pocket of resistance fighters. Unfortunately the controls were a mystery.

You were one of those resistance fighters lucky enough to stay alive. Your entire family, friends and acquaintances were killed by the invaders. Fueled by your thirst for revenge you managed to figure out that you moved with the arrow keys, and shot with the Z key. Your mission is to take that ship into space, and find the alien home world. There you will find the alien overlord. Rock On! 

Game Executable. Click here to play!

Game Design Document

User Manual

Going to Grad School

As of a few days ago, I'm officially going to be working towards a Master Degree at the University of Victoria come January. Should be really fun.

There are a variety of plans and projects in the works with some really cool people and organizations.

The big reason for going to UVic is that the faculty is awesome. I've had the opportunity to work with some great people. Yvonne Coady for one has really helped me along.

I've joined a team of people who are going to be awesome. The only thing missing is a team name. It has to be catchy, awesome and probably have something to do with parallel programming. Woot computer science!