Sunday, December 27, 2009

Command Line DM Tools - The Shill

This just in. Command line DM tools, for you.
Play D&D? Think the command line is the best interface known to man? GUI's for Sissies?
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Need to roll dice? Need to roll lots of dice and then add them up.
Well you'll enjoy the handy dice rolling apps:
Dice Roller d6!
Literally faster than actually rolling 10d6 and much much faster than mentally combining them. Works for d4 to percentile. Can do anything less than 4 billion d6! Wow that's some fireball! With the dice rolling apps, 12d12 isn't such a problem any more.

-77 kobolds all fire crossbows at Grou? just type "./d20 77" and see how many go above 15! Then type "./d6 " and see how much damage he took! Previously that would have taken me 4 days to figure out, now it's easy to fling tons of ...stuff... at PC's and see if they live!

Need to keep track of any number of monsters hit points? Need this to unlimited and versatile?
Well today we bring you the HP tracker++ also known as "c".
Hp tracker!
Have as many enemies as your computer has hard drive space! This should be in the several trillion range.

Wow Soric got hit pretty hard, but it's not like you have to subtract 40 from 14 just cause Penny got a crit! Now you just gotta type "./c soric - 40". Now having Sam at the table isn't such a big problem anymore, cause with friends like him, who needs enemies!

Need to keep track of initiative? Need to keep track of lots of initiatives and know who's next?

Check the initiative tracker out!
How many times have you ever been at a game, or have been running a game where there is like a 5 minute pause between turns whilst the DM ponders who's next in the order. Ever started also keeping track of initiative because you're concerned the DM might just lose it.


With this handy took all you have to type is something like this:
./init jer 12 liam 20 torg 13 kobold 10 and eleph 7
and it figures out who goes in what order. Then you press enter and it shows you who's next. Wowzers. Need to quite just enter in 'q'. Then you can press up, alter the initiatives and then go again! Uses Malloc! Memory Allocation Technology to ensure that the order is maintained regardless of battle size. I've actually been using this for some time and it's the only reason I drag my laptop to every single game I run.

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  1. Thank your for these programs, I'm hoping to start playing tabletop rpgs and want to make it easier on my self so when I do I'll use these, and the compile process was rather straight forward and didn't take that long to get ready, also a other plus is it fits perfectly under the main idea of unix, build a suite a programs that work together, and do one thing. (And do it well.)

    So I appreciate the work, even though it's a really simple program, it does what it supposed to do and that's all that matters.