Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Want to Write a Sci-Fi Book

I want it to be about the kind of people who leave home behind to go out into the unkown.  I want it to be about the crew.  Everything from how they feel and what they do.

What makes them go into space?  What do they do out there?  What is their job aboard the ship?  How do they kick back and relax?  How do their ideas and concepts about going into space mesh with reality?

Anyway, I totally know what I would do and why I'd go up, but I'd really like to grab other peoples perspectives on why they'd go up, or why they think other people would.  I made a super quick form using google forms, so if people want to send me their thoughts, that would be awesome:

It's pretty open ended, you don't have to fill in anything you don't want to.  If you feel a form is too restrictive, don't be afraid to email me at

Also of note, if anyone wants to get in on this and wants to write some stuff, I'd be totally down with collaborators.   I know some pretty talented people are out there.


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