Thursday, December 2, 2010

Space Slayer: Earth's Last Hope

Made this for a class in second year!  Fun times.  Woot gamemaker.

Fly and Be Free

They came just as we thought they would. They began their attack from orbit, destroying our major military installations. With no ability to defend ourselves, their ground troops had no problems enslaving the human race. In days we became nothing, but they made a mistake. One of their interplanetary crafts, dubbed The Shrike, crashed near a pocket of resistance fighters. Unfortunately the controls were a mystery.

You were one of those resistance fighters lucky enough to stay alive. Your entire family, friends and acquaintances were killed by the invaders. Fueled by your thirst for revenge you managed to figure out that you moved with the arrow keys, and shot with the Z key. Your mission is to take that ship into space, and find the alien home world. There you will find the alien overlord. Rock On! 

Game Executable. Click here to play!

Game Design Document

User Manual

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