Friday, January 7, 2011

Grad School is Camping

Because it's in-tents!

No semester of undergrad can compare to how hectic its been in the last few days.  There has been an absolute ton going on almost all the time.  Getting into the swing of things has been tough and I'm also doing a lot of stuff I've never done before.  Tons of changes.  It is not like getting a bachelors degree at all.

I'm currently only in two courses - so I'm hardly ever in class while I'm on campus.  One of my courses is a "how to do grad school seminar" which may be more challenging than my actual course - which is advanced cryptography.

I'm instructing two labs:  Csc 110 - which should be fun - and Csc 355 - which may be tricky.  I'll also be doing some other related work and perhaps helping write up with one of the 110 assigments.  Still the fact that I could be teaching things to people - some of which are only 2 years behind me - is a little frightening.  Still the best way to learn is to teach right.

I have an office!  It pwns!  If you're ever in ecs and bored you could drop by.  It is theoretically a shared office, but I'm all alone in here so far.  I'm actually typing this in my office right now.  Having an office is awesome - mostly just as a quiet space I have control over.  My office is currently sports a tribble - proving that I do belong here.  I may owe some folks tribbles.

I need to get starting on doing research and defining what my research area is.  Perferably by the 13th which is freakishly soon.

Anyway I now have to run to a meeting about a project with the Hertzburg Institute of Astrophysics.  Life is insane.


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