Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ode To Ayla

I'd like to say this was a product of being bored on the ferry, but in truth I thought this was a really good idea regardless.  I make no claims to its quality, but I do like it.

Characters they come and go, I've enjoyed a fair sum
But for now, I'd rather just talk about one
From the times prehistoric
Comes a woman, most prolific
With flowing blond hair and clothes made of fur
This cat packs much, much, more bite than pur
Stronger than any man, and respects strong women
Truly the pinnacle of human physical condition
She does not use weapons, for her a fist is fine
For no weapon can do damage: nine-thousand nine-hundred and ninety nine
She was born before the time of magic
but to the core - her triple kick is tragic
Alas she is not just might, but charming, all the quicker
from the two headed snakes she takes a mega elixir
And though it's sometimes easy to miss
she also has a healing kiss
Alas she may not seem the brightest, at that may at times be worrisome
but she's actually quite smart - she just talks in third person
And let's not forget, because this point is not moot
In a contest, she can drink an whole lot of soup
When her people where endangered by the reptites - so radical
She called from the sky, the mighty pterodactyl
And when charged by lightening like some god damn human dynamo
She can beat the shit out of the black Tyranno
And here once again she proves she is stronger than them all
I know of no one else – admittedly indirectly – who can cause a red star to fall
Yes! Strong, fierce, might and morally just
And while I'll only use marle lucca, robo and frog if I must
In Ayla, I place my absolute trust
So when it's the fated hour and it's time
The clock  set for 1999
As long as we have Ayla, everything'll be fine
Because while la may mean fire, and vos may mean big
Ayla owns face
"Ayla fight while alive! Win and live. Lose and die Rule of life. No change rule"
— Ayla

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