Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dragon Age 2: Wayward Son Glitch Workaround

I can confirm this works and I've been playing along happily ever since.  I mentioned it in my last post.
  1. Enable the console.  There are several guides to do this out there.  Most of them can be found here.
  2. Use the command "runscript zz_dae_debug" - this should bring up a menu of options.  You will not to able to see the command as you type it.
  3. Click on Plot Jump -> core/critical path -> investigate -> circle plots  -> wayward son -> more options -> the cave on the wounded coast  
  4. This will set the quest to the wounded coast stage and teleport you to the cave entrance
  5. Head on in and finish the quest.
There is related to the solution posted here, but avoids skipping over any major part of the game.  Ideally this should leave your other quests untouched.   The biggest benefit is you can still finish the quest as planned and make your choices.

Hopefully this works for people.  On a related note, these two posts have gotten me more hits than ever before.  This means the problem must be pretty common, hopefully bioware will put out a fix soon.


I don't see why this wouldn't work for other similar bugs: give it a go and explore the menu.  There also maybe other scripts for various DLC


  1. I am having a problem with this quest for 360, is there a way around it on here? I dont really feel like starting over after 13 hours of gameplay >.<

  2. I'm having the same problem on xbox360 can't pick up the key that opens the door in wayward sun, I've defeated the enemies and there's there's a glitter above the only dead body left but no way to pick it up I tried to leave the quest and continue the game but I can't get into the deep roads expedition until I finish this quest. PLEASE HELP!!!

  3. I am having the same problem as this guy ^^ i am putting this down for now until I get some help

  4. I probably have done myself in on this one...

    First I had this problem playing through, 12 Hours of Gameplay through, on the recruiting Isabela Quest. Where you have to search the bodies of the attackers in High Town. I was somehow unable to do this... I've learned since that you can simply reload a previous save file and do it again... sadly for me I only had Auto-Saves to go on.

    Long Story Short I started over, this time through however I have encountered the same problem on a different quest. When I attacked Danzig in Under Town to learn the wear abouts of Feynriel the half elven apostate, there was no key item on the corpses to activate the next step in the quest. I chose to ignore the quest instead of starting over again, this having been a recent restart from the first f*ck up. However after playing through the rest of the quests, successfully recruiting Isabela this time I found myself stonewalled by Bartrand who insisted that I wrap up all of my undone quests before I could leave for the deep roads.

    Nothing has been more frustrating in the past 72 hours than Dragon Age II...

    This Sh*t needs to be fixed.

  5. Christ this glitch hasn't been fixed in a year it never will.

  6. Especially sweet after purchasing all the add on sh"t to know that I have to redo the Mark of the Assasin and kill the Wyverns and that stupid Duke of C*ckmeister. Come on man!

  7. hello sir, i encountered a bug during dragon age 2 DLC mark of the assassin (besides the bug above). it's during the match against the duke with its alpha wyvern, where the wyvern did not come down to attack. Gamer friends suggested that i reinstall and apply new patches, and i did, but nothing seems to counter the bugged plot. so, can i possibly, using ur method of console commands, fix, or skip the particular plot? maybe, just throw a command to drop the boss dead or just skip the fight and go on with it? if so, can u plz tell how?
    (this problem ticked me for months, seeing the never-ending saved game there without any progress, so...the world would be a better place if the plot finishes...)

  8. Thanks so much for this! I couldn't loot the body so I puttered around with other quests for quite a while first and I really didn't want to have to go back to an early save!