Friday, July 3, 2009

First Playable Build!

First mac build! Excited, probably not, but hey. I'll link to it regardless

I know most people are running winblows, but if your using a mac, you can give it a shot. It's compatible with 10.4 and 10.5 intel and power pc. So if you've purchased a mac anytime within the last 5 years it'll probably run, and run well. Its runs super smooth on a new intel mac. Like better than my pc at home.

AAAAH it's so easy to make mac games/software that run on every god damn Macintosh computer ever. As oppose to windows where its going to be hard to get it going on xp, and it certainly won't run on vista or windows 7 without more work. What the hell is wrong with Microsoft!

Ok back on track. So far the game isn't much. You can fly around and shoot one guy out the air. He's a little glitchy, I haven't cared too much about polishing him off. That will come later.

Anyway here is your chance to try out the controls and tell me if you like them.
w - moves you up
a - moves you left
s - moves you down
d - moves you right
q - spins you left/counterclockwise
e - spins you right/clockwise
r - speeds you up
f - slows you down
space - fires! (honestly the funnest button)

All the collision detection lines are present right now. I actually think they're very cool



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