Thursday, July 2, 2009

I can detect collisions!

Its a big step. Its a huge step. Good collision detection is hard to do, I think this is ok collision detection, so I'm happy. Its fast, fairly easy to implement and works 100% of the time. It may not prevent clipping as of yet, but hopefully I'll get that working as well.

Its important to note this collision detection is entirely in house. I came up with it myself after reading something about spheres. Its been a linear time, so my one piece of advice to you is this: If you EVER want to make games, learn your linear algebra or get to know someone who does.

So far the initial 'level' which is known as the 'Eternal Spaceway' has one enemy, who can be killed. I think its awesome. Here you can see it in action with the collision detection spheres around everything. The qualities not the best, sorry. This isn't a professional game studio, I don't have time to make fake screen shots and pretend they're real.

Obviously the enemy ship isn't destroyed yet, but that just makes things nicer for you.

More stuff when its made


Programming tip of the day: Look for ';' at the end of for loops, if statements and anything else that doesn't usually have a ';' . I've saved myself hours of debugging my checking for the ; first.

If you using python, well you can laugh happily until a list becomes a tuple on your ass.

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